Height Randomizer SFSE v1.0


I really like some of Starfield's new NPC features, especially the crowd system.

But I DESPISE the fact that everyone is the same height (yeah I know it's nitpicky, but muh immurshun).

This mod changes that. REQUIRES SFSE.

This mod randomises NPC heights in such a way that it's consistent across saves and playthroughs. It includes customisable INI settings for height scaling with different variance, and/or gender disparity.

For those interested in the maths, here are our inverse cumulative distribution functions, where |x| < 0.5. See the mod images for a graphical comparison: Spoiler: Show

NOTE: Option 1 is approximately an inverse CDF with mean of 0, and standard deviation of 4/70. This number was chosen assuming that a scale of 1.0 is 5'10" (or 70"), thus giving an in-game stddev of 4" just like real life.

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