Darker Eyes v1.0


This mod will replace the original watery Starfield eyes with darker and more varied colors. Texture size is performance-friendly 1024 x 1024 px. These only change iris color, sclera is not affected.


You can delete eye colors that you don't want to replace. You can also rename files to replace other eye colors. Eye replacements are located in: My Games/Starfield/Data/Textures/actors/human/faces/eyes

NOTE: "Devil" iris is connected with Starfield game lore (my edit is quite different). If you care about it, remove iris_reddevil_color replacement file.

Remember you have to set up StarfieldCustom.ini file in Documents/MyGames/Starfield to enable loose files. If the file doesn't exist, you must create it using a text editor (like Notepad).

This is my first and probably the last Starfield mod, I don't do requests/ I don't accept commissions.

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Date uploaded: 19 September 2023

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