Who to choose: kill Malai Liskova or help Simon in Starfield?

14 September 2023

In the "Top Secret" quest, you will encounter two antagonistic characters, Malai Liskova and Simon, and learn their stories. Your choice of whether to support one of these characters will influence the course of the game and lead to various consequences.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed explanation of whether to kill Malai or not in Starfield.

About a conflict

Simon, working as an informant for the Ryujin Industries faction, will brief you on Malai Liskova, a professional bounty hunter who poses a serious threat and requires elimination. In exchange for your assistance in this challenging task, Simon promises to offer you a significant discount on crucial information that he can share.

However, once you track down Malai, she will propose a collaborative option. This means that killing her is not obligatory. By accepting the girl's offer, you effectively decline Simon's collaboration and do not fulfill his request.

What happens if you kill Malai

Upon accepting Simon's proposition, he will provide you with Malai's location on the map. Follow the marker and initiate a conversation. Here, you'll encounter two possible courses of action:

1. Reject the huntress's offer and proceed immediately to eliminate her.

2. Opt to board Malai's ship, convincing her that you intend to share Simon's plans.

In both scenarios, you'll have the chance to acquire the Ember Pistol, a rather practical firearm.

Once aboard Malai's vessel, she will present entirely different terms than those you previously agreed to. Your choice here also takes two paths:

1. Refuse cooperation and engage in a firefight.

2. Persuade Malai by engaging in Persuasion System mini-game.

In this situation, you should choose the first option. Right after the confrontation, head back to Simon and inform him that Malai is no longer a menace. He might express some disappointment that it unfolded in this manner but will express his gratitude for your assistance and provide you with valuable information as a reward.

What happens if you do not kill Malai

The series of steps resembles the previous scenario: accept Simon's task, track down Malai using the marker, but refrain from immediate combat; instead, follow her onto her ship.

Now, opt for a Persuasion mini-game rather than engaging in a shootout. If you emerge victorious, Malai will have a change of heart and provide you with the Ember Pistol. She will also open up about her desire to leave the bounty hunting profession in the future.

Upon returning to Simon and conveying the situation, your relationship with him will remain unaffected.

So, its better to kill Malai or not?

Choose the option that resonates with you the most! However, the option that saves the girl's life becomes more advantageous: you won't damage your relationship with Simon, you may obtain the pistol, and your companions won't be upset by a harsh decision.


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