No Grav Drive Weight Limit v1.0


Say goodbye to the weight limit for grav drives so you can jump with even the most outdated drive on the biggest ship. You still have to keep jump range above 0LY though. Big thanks to kur00e, whose table this plugin is based on.

Installation (SFSE): Install the SFSE. Extract this so the file is placed as "Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins\

Installation (ASI): Pick an ASI loader: SFSE ASI Loader (Which seems kinda silly to use a loader to load a loader to load an ASI.) Ultimate-ASI-Loader Extract the ASI file to wherever your loader wants it. Launch as per your loader's instructions. Look for the log! If you don't see a log on launch there's a bigger troubleshooting section in the stickied comment. The plugin will create "

This was made for the Steam version! The ASI might work on GP, this is untested, either the AoB scan works, or not. I am unable to test this.

This is the same "Remove WEIGHT limit for grav drive" script from kur00e's CE table here, just done differently as a plugin instead.

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