Companions Never Lose Affinity v1.0


A SKSE+mod that prevents the game from lowering your affinity with companions!

  • Companions Never Lose Affinity

A simple but effective mod that prevents companions from losing affinity for the player. Any dialog or actions the player takes that they don't like will no longer lower their affinity for you. Note that committing evil deeds in front of them like killing peaceful NPCs will still provoke a shocked response, they will still demand you explain yourself, but your affinity value that tracks progress towards becoming an ally/romantic partner will not be affected.

The mod works by ignoring in-game affinity modifiers (found at 000005ACA and 000005ACB) if they are below 0. Positive modifiers will still work, such as "Sarah liked that" and "Sarah loved that". Affinity can still INCREASE, just not decrease.

How to Install

  • Make sure you have SFSE installed.
  • Extract the Data folder from the included zip into your Starfield main install directory (not the My Games directory).
  • Start Starfield! (Using the SFSE loader)

NOTE: Previous Versions

  • v1.0 and v1.1 of this mod caused issues with space flight and companion dialog, a much cleaner methodology has since been developed and v1.2.1 has tested without the same issues thus far. If using this mod MAKE SURE you use the LATEST version v1.2.1, and if you encounter any issues whatsoever please feel free to drop a new issue in the bugs tab :).

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