How to Open the Sealed Spacesuit in the Lodge Basement

17 September 2023

To unlock this spacesuit, you need to complete the "One Small Step" mission entirely. When you arrive at the Lodge (Constellation headquarters), head down the stairs to the basement. Once you're downstairs, proceed straight into the large workshop room (you'll see tools on the table) and immediately turn right.

Where to find free spacesuit in Starfield

In the rightmost room, you'll come across a sealed spacesuit, which supposedly can only be opened at the "Master" level.

How to Open the Spacesuit in the Lodge Basement

I'm pleased to inform you that you don't need to level up your hacking skills; you can obtain it right now! This set is an excellent choice for a novice explorer, with much better stats than the standard gear.

So, you need to hover your mouse cursor (or gamepad) over the gap between the glass panels. Once you're in the right spot, as shown in the screenshot, you'll be able to retrieve the spacesuit. It's as simple as that – enjoy!


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